Determination To Be Unique Got Me Where I Am Today- Hauwa Chiroma


Hauwa Chiroma is a graduate of Medicine and perfumer in Abuja. In this interview with TMG, the CEO of Royal Incense shares her thoughts on the business which she admits is not easy but could be rewarding with determination and patience.

TMG> Tell us about yourself and how you started your perfume business.

Hauwa> My name is Hauwa Chiroma. I graduated from October 6 University in Cairo, Egypt, where I studied Medicine now currently an intern. I’m the first of 4 children and I’m 26 years old.

TMG> Why did you choose to become a perfumer?

Hauwa> My love for incense and perfume pushed me into owning my own business. As a northern lady, from the northeast (Borno state to be precise) we love to use incenses a lot, and that’s how it started. After I graduated, I decided to pursue my passion by learning about incense and how to make it from my mom and aunty. It took me a very short time to learn the basics and the rest was just by instinct.
In late December 2017, I decided to start up by getting a name, which is Royal_Incensebyh on instagram.

Alhamdulillah, I can say I know a lot more now about perfumes- from the incense sticks to body perfumes. I’m still learning more about my business by knowing my target, communicating with customers and making my product unique.

TMG> Did you attend any professional courses? (which one?)

Hauwa> No, I was taught by my mom and aunt.

TMG> What field of medicine did you study and how do you intend to juggle your career with this business?

Hauwa> I have graduated but I’m doing my internship now and I hope to be a Gynecologist in sha Allah. I can juggle both my career because I include my family members(my sister, mom and aunt).

TMG> What excites you most about the world of fragrances?
Hauwa> Getting to mix oils to create a unique fragrance. It takes patience though.

TMG> What makes you happy as a doctor/ As a perfumer?
Hauwa> As a doctor, being of assistance to someone gives a sense of fulfillment. Rendering medical aid everyday is satisfying. In sha Allah, my specialty is Obstetrics &Gynecology. As a perfumer, when the fragrance you make lingers on people’s clothes or in their homes, I take pride that that’s my work.

TMG> What motivates you most about the business?
Hauwa> Firstly, trying new scents motivates me and seeing my customers happy.

TMG> What do you do to stay educated about new trends?
Hauwa> I use the Social media mostly and do a lot of research.

TMG> What makes your business more unique than others?

Hauwa> It’s unique because I put in my best to ensure it stands out. To be honest, my products are made with love and sincerity. So far, my best seller is my khumra.

TMG> Tell us about an accomplishment that you are most proud of in your career/business?

Hauwa> My best accomplishment is finishing medical school. As for my business, the fact that I was a bit skeptical about starting but glad that I took the step.

TMG> Tell us about your management style and how you handle your Customers?

Hauwa>To be honest, my fiancé and sister help with that side of the business.

TMG> Tell us something you would like to learn or improve upon in your business.
Hauwa> I’d love to learn about other types of incenses in order to make something different.

TMG> What way can you encourage other youths that are interested in your kind of business?
Hauwa> I encourage them to never give up because, trust me, it could go bad some days when you don’t have sales. Just keep up your good spirits.

TMG> What do you do in your free time?
Hauwa> I research about different types of incense and khumrahs from different areas around the world, try new dishes and shop.

TMG> How would you describe yourself?

Hauwa> Talented, honest and determined.


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