Making Others Happy Gives Me Satisfaction- Abdulmalik Fashipe


At 13, one would expect a young boy’s passion and interest to be the usual things that keep teenagers busy; video games, sports, hanging out with friends and other fun stuff. While he might indulge in some of these activities once in a while, Abdulmalik Fashipe, the cofounder of Abdulmalik Care Foundation, says he derives more pleasure in giving to the less privileged and making people happy. Speaking with TMG, he reveals why he started his charity foundation at the very tender age of 7 years and how he has kept it going. The young philanthropist hopes he can be an inspiration to others his age, and wants adults who have the means to also emulate him.

This is his message: ‘’Abdulmalik Care Foundation need us all to support our good cause and be the hero in a child’s life. Let us rise against hunger, improve their well-being and make the world a better place for the needy.’’

Abdulmalik> I’m 13 years old and a Year 9 student of Grange Secondary School, Ikeja, Lagos. I am British-born but my root is in Ondo State. I’m the youngest in my family with over 12 years plus gap between me and my immediate older siblings (twins).

TMG> How did you start your charity organisation?
Abdulmalik> My charity journey started when I was 7 years old and I visited Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. There they had a charity to help children with Alzheimers and I wanted to help by donating and helping out. This move eventually developed into my own charity – AbdulmalikCareFoundation.

TMG> How Do You Support The Charity Financially?
Abdulmalik> My ever-supporting Mum registered me with various social media groups who either generously donated items to me or sold them to me at very low prices. I also use my pocket money and I have donated to people in Kwara, Ogun, Ondo and Lagos states respectively.

TMG> You recently donated a wheelchair to a disabled man. How did you learn about him?
Abdulmalik> I met the man, Mr. Rufus on Isaac John Street, G.R.A, Ikeja, Lagos State and I have always had it in my mind to mobilize and support him considering the effort he is putting to live a good life despite his disability.

TMG> Do you know any of your peers who are into philanthropy?
Abdulmalik> Not that I know of but I hope that I can inspire other people or children my age and encourage them to do what I am doing.

TMG> Who are your role models?
Abdulmalik> My role models are people like Oprah Winfrey and Ben Carson because they both came a long way to make it to where they are now.

TMG> What would you do if you were a leader of this country?
Abdulmalik> If I was in power, I will empower the less privileged, encourage them to get a good education, fix the issue of bad roads and electricity in Nigeria.
There are so many bad roads and dirty roads too and it’s really the biggest problem in my opinion.

TMG> What is your message to the less privileged?
Abdulmalik> My message to the less privileged is not to feel like anyone is better than them just because they are in a better financial state than they are, because at the end of the day, you are still alive, in good health.

TMG> What makes you happy and laugh?
Abdulmalik> A lot of things make me laugh to be honest, even if it’s not that funny, I’ll probably still laugh. What makes me happier is seeing that others are happy and there are no problems between anyone.


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