Personality Profile: If You Want Change, Be Part Of It- Hon. Golu Timothy


When you see a disciplined and calm person who has struggled in life to achieve greatness, you will never relent to associate yourself with him. 

A man whose true life story serves as a great inspiration to his generation and other generations to come, is none other than Hon. Golu Timothy. 

Hon. Timothy Simon Golu, an indigene of Jos, Plateau State is a member of the Federal House of Representatives, representing the Pankshin/Kanke/Kanam Federal constituency of Plateau State under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). 

He attended Gonerit Memorial College, Tuwan Kabwir where he obtained his Senior Secondary school certificate. Thereafter, he proceeded to University of Jos, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Political science and he later did his Masters in International Relations/Strategic studies at the same University. 

He worked at Leadership Newspapers and rose to the position of Associate Editor, covering State House (Aso Rock Villa). After his stint in Journalism, he joined politics, contesting for the state assembly seat in 2011. He won and became Chief Whip to the Plateau State House of Assembly. The 2015 elections saw him elected into the Federal House of Representatives to represent Pankshin/Kanke/Kanam federal constituency, where he became Chairman House committee on Legislative Budget and Research and a member of various other committees.

Reflecting on how it started for him, he said;

“My story will inspire the younger generation to work hard, be independent and always do the right thing to succeed in life”.

“As a young man, after I finished at the university of Jos, I came to Abuja searching for a white collar job but still, as things were in this country, it was very difficult to secure one. I decided to look for other means to sustain myself in Abuja. That’s when I became a laborer working at a construction company, building houses. I was there for almost a year when I became the foreman and a supervisor of a building site”.

“During that period, I would always invite young men like me to join me, but they thought I was only wasting my time doing laborer work. They thought it was beneath them. Most of the young men didn’t know that I was a graduate of political science from university of Jos. When I eventually became a foreman and supervisor, writing and keeping documents for my boss, that is when some of them started coming to join me and begging me for jobs.”

“However, when I was a labourer I was not reckless in spending. I would use my daily earnings to buy soft drinks and snacks for the following day and sell at the building site and also continue with my work. That’s how I was getting extra money as profit to feed and clothe myself in Abuja”.

“As time went by, working at the site as a foreman, someone introduced me to Advertisement business in the Newspaper industry. He taught me how and where I could get an advert and also what percentage to be given to me on each, depending on the size or numbers. That’s how I left construction work and became an advert executive to some newspaper houses in Abuja. From there I became a full staff of Leadership Newspaper, writing and reporting. After a few years, I rose to the position of associate Editor, covering State House (Aso Rock villa) before I resigned and joined politics.

Why I Joined Politics 

“I am a political scientist by training and a journalist by profession and I joined politics because I have seen how people use the institution and the process of politics to add value to lives of their own people.

Golu believes that politics is all about participation in the decision making process by getting involved in decisions that influence your people.
He says, “If you want to change something, be part of that thing. If you are not involved, you will keep talking and shouting.”

“As a journalist, I was merely analyzing, observing, writing features, challenging and then criticizing government officials a lot because I saw that there are opportunities for them to do things for their people and they were not doing it. As a journalist, I worked with ministers, governors as well as political appointees and elected officials of government at different levels. So I was observing and gathering the experience.”

However, I used to get angry with people who were wasting the opportunities they were given. At the same time, I am always impressed by those who have the opportunity to help their people, attract budgets to their constituency, represent and talk on behalf of their people; if there’s injustice anywhere, the person would speak for the people, correct them and if somebody is unjustly sacked from their job, they stand for him or her.

“As part of the work I was doing as a Journalist,” he continues, “if you are in a position to do the right things and you don’t, and want to manipulate somethings or try to deal with people wrongly because you are in a position of authority, we blow it out when we get the facts.

Getting to this level is another way and another level for journalists like us to join politics. I felt, if I am given the opportunity, I can participate in decision making at any level and I will definitely not shy away from representing my people, protecting their interest, defending their own interests and advocating for whatever I feel the society needs. That is the way I can change things and progress for the common good of everybody. That is why I joined politics. I want to contribute my quota to sustaining democracy that’s number one in politics. It is because democracy is the most popular system of government that involves everybody, promotes justice, equity and fair play and brings unity at all levels.

Hon. Golu has done great things for his people that cannot be over emphasized. He has presented many bills from state to federal level, which he’s still in the process of doing. He’s a man to admire and emulate, especially in the aspect of decision taking and mentorship. 

About His Mentors

He said his mentors are genuine people who have the people’s interest at heart to see how ordinary people can survive, defend, struggle and bring unity to all irrespective of tribe, religion or region. 

He advised youths to engage in something meaningful because his struggle and courage should serve as a lesson to some people. Today, he’s representing his people and he will never lose sight of the fact that he is there because of them.
“Youths should be serious about the future and do the right thing at the right time, because they never know where they will find themselves someday,” he advised.


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