Greatness Comes From Taking Charge- Abdullahi Haruna ‘Haruspice’


Abdullahi Haruna is the Publisher, World Entourage Magazine- a general interest magazine dedicated to the promotion of good governance, values, entrepreneurship and good leadership. Fondly called ‘Haruspice’, he is tagged a social media influencer. Why? He speaks about this and more in this interview with TMG. 

TMG>  As a product of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria where you had both first and second degrees in Mass Communication and International Affairs and Diplomacy respectively, how did you find yourself in publishing and also becoming a social media influencer?
Journalism is a potpourri of specializations, we are exposed to an array of discipline. I chose publishing because I found convenient interest and passion there. I love to write every time. In broadcasting, you are at the liberty of short script, while printing affords you unlimited space to write from the mind.

TMG>Was there a special training you attended for publishing?
Publishing is a practical discipline, you must be tutored differently from the crevices of the classroom. My foray in newspaper and magazine stations equipped me to be the modest publisher I am today.
As for being a social media influencer, it stems from a personal build up of my character overtime. My interventions in social work, commentary and varied interactions prepared me to build a stream of followers who, over time relied on my opinion, stance and body language. My interventions form their decision and in no time, I somehow became an agenda setter, hence the influencer tag.

TMG> How many employees report to you?

I don’t have people who report to me but I have people whom we share ideas with. They are my dependable employees who work tirelessly to make things happen. We are motivated by the zeal to be good in our endeavors. So we are more a team than a workforce.

 TMG> Tell us about an accomplishment that you are most proud of in your career?

My decision to become self employed was one of my decisive and rewarding decisions in my sojourn in life. Fresh from school, I wasted no time in having a stint in magazine production.

TMG> Why should people read your publications and follow your social media platforms? What’s unique about them?

If you want to succeed, you must be known for a style. My niche is my creativity in writing, I write from the heart and use the product of societal happenings to form my thoughts.  The use of euphemisms and innuendos to convey messages became the attracting catch for audience interest and buy in. We humanise stories and make them simple and reflective of our immediate realities.
TMG> Did you ever make a change that you were sorry about later?

Life is never static, to keep it going, you are bound to fall to the dictates of its dynamics. We fall to rise as we push to reach our zenith, because life is not on one lane, we can’t therefore lay claim to perfections.

TMG> What are the 3 core ideas of your profession?

Professionalism, creativity and dependability defines the focal point of my aspirations.
TMG> What will readers learn from you as a publisher and social media influencer?

Readers on my trail are exposed to factual content, real time interventions and home grown creativity.
TMG> Who is your audience? And what response do you get from them?

My audience cut across the strata of the society. I write for everyone who appreciates creativity, who wants a better world and who is ready to change the world to a better place.
TMG> Tell us something you would like to learn or improve upon?

It is my desire to improve on my marketing strategies so that my content can get to every nook and cranny of the world.

TMG> What are your challenges and how do you intend to handle them?

Challenges for a young entrepreneur like me is humongous, you are faced with the issue of start up capital occasioned by the lethargic dispositions of the market who are only interested in patronizing established platforms instead of struggling small business like us. Government’s unfriendly policies also hinders the smooth aspirations of small ventures like ours. Cumulatively, it is not easy to start as an entrepreneur in this our unfriendly business clime.
TMG> What do you do to stay educated about new trends?

I flow with new ideas and perfect my new learning in tandem with the reality of time. To stay afloat, you must flow with the tides.

TMG> What other back-of-the positions have you previously held before now?

I have been fortunate to be on the driving side most of the times Starting from my days as student union leader, to my foray as editor of the Sardauna Magazine, to managing the communication desk of organizations.
TMG> What way can you encourage other youths to become self-dependent?

Self reliance pays and it gives the liberty for accelerated personal growth and development. Nothing is more fulfilling than waking up with the thought of independence. Being in the dictates of your actions afford you the opportunity to manage your decision effectively. The advice is that greatness comes from that which you are in charge of. Take the risk today and become a manager of men.

TMG> Do you have time to socialise and how?

Time spent with family and friends is the greatest of social time, it is stimulating, exhaling and rewarding. I read plenty of materials during my social time and visit friends when need be.


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