A Tribute To Ahmed Sardauna Ahman Patigi


Ahmadu Sardauna Ahman Pategi was born in Kaduna on 7th September 1962 to the prestigious family of Alhaji Ahman Pategi (of blessed memory) and Hajiya Aisha Nnagi Layi. His father was a minister of Health under the Sir Ahmadu Bello administration. He also held the traditional title of Galadiman Pategi.

Ahmed Sardauna attended Central Primary school between 1968 and 1974 and had his secondary education at Pategi Secondary School between 1974 and 1979.

After obtaining a National Diploma at the Kaduna Polytechnic, he furthered his studies at the same institution with a Higher National Diploma in Quantity Survey from Kaduna Polytechnic where he graduated in 1986.

Still in pursuit of knowledge, he went on to do a Masters of Business in Finance in 1995 at Oklahoma City University in the United States of America.

He worked with different organizations including Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) National Electoral Commission(NEC), Nigerian Sugar Company Limited (NISUCO), Bacita and the Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC).

He was an associate member of Nigeria Institute of Management and Member America Marketing Association.

Like his father before him, Sardauna, as he was popularly called, decided that, in order to make a positive difference in the society and in governance, one has to be part of the system. Thus, after consultations with family and other stakeholders, he returned home from the USA to join politics in 1999. He contested the Senatorial seat under the platform of PDP. This would launch his political career and make him one of the solid founders of PDP in Kwara state; the party was becoming a formidable force in the state. Ahmadu Sardauna became the Chairman, Kwara state chapter in 2001.

Sardauna believed that all human beings are created equally and should enjoy their God-given rights. That is why he would come across a child and want the child’s rights to be respect and protected!

Throughout his political career, he espoused high morality and intellectual virtues by respecting all stakeholders. These were qualities that the late Sir Ahmadu Bello imbibed. As a lover of peace, he wished to end the violence that marred the political terrain in the state. He also tried to bring peace within the state’s party during his tenure as Chairman. This, unfortunately, was cut short when he was assassinated. Again, like his namesake, he was gunned down in his prime, while rendering his service to the state and the nation at large.

He is survived by his mother, wife, 4 children and his siblings.

Sardauna was called Ahmed or Na Ahmadu by his closest friends, and ‘YaSardauna’ or Uncle Sardauna by family. There was a uniqueness about him that endeared him to most who came around him. It goes without saying that he loved people and the love was reciprocal. He tried to please where he could.

He was humorous and was always looking on and for the bright side of life. He loved life! He never spoke harshly to anyone, most of the time tried to keep his temper in check and was considerate of others’ feelings while expressing his thoughts.

His habits in talk and actions set an example worthy of emulation. He was morally clean in mind and body. He was honest and respectful to everyone especially to the needy, the aged and children. He was a giver and would gladly share what he had, even if it was little, with others. He would do so without expecting anything in return. Many would agree that Ahmed wouldn’t want you to let anybody know what he had done for you. He was generous with his time, attention, advice and more.

He loved children, and was blessed with four biological ones and many of his nieces, nephews, cousins and friends’ children were considered his own. He had so much patience with them.
He was a goal-getter but believed that what is meant to be yours will surely be yours through hard work and diligence. He was a good civic worker promoting good for the welfare of the general public.

He did not seek for material things of life but was ambitious to earn through honest means in order to meet his financial responsibilities, welfare and happiness of his family and loved ones.

Ahmadu Sardauna Ahman Pategi was a loving son, doting father, reliable friend and good husband.

August 15th 2002 was a day the family and many others will not forget. The shocking news of his death came as a big blow. The day before the horrific event, he had a lengthy discussion over the phone on various issues with his wife. Little did they know they were saying their final farewells.

He was assassinated on his way to Abuja from Ilorin. This trip was to bring his family to Patigi and present his new-born son Ahmed Baba, named after Baba Galadima, to his mother and other family members back home. That journey was never to be. It was cut short by the cold hands of death. Ahmed Baba was two months old when his father died and never knew his dad.

An ambush took his and his police Orderly’s lives by a rain of bullets.

Till this day, the people who ordered his assassination are unknown, although it was widely believed that his murder was politically motivated because of the series of events happening then.

It was strange because Ahmadu Sardauna Ahman Pategi was always trying his best to make things right but evil-minded ones had their own nasty plans unknown to him.

A careful planner, he had such great ideas, plans and hopes and took his time to implement them. Some of these plans are coming to fruition already.

Ahmadu Sardauna Ahman Patigi might be gone but he will never be forgotten. All that is left are nothing but memories; memories that lead to silence and tears but those that also leave comfort in knowing that, in his short time on earth, he had touched many lives with his goodness.

It is a bittersweet feeling that in death, people still talk of his good nature. Surely it was the will of Allah that Ahmadu Sardauna Ahman Pategi should return to him when the applause was loudest. Allahu Akbar! May ASAP’s sweet and gentle soul rest in peace and may his good legacies continue to live on.



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