Hon Dr. Aliyu Ahman Pategi: A Quiet Achiever. THE NEW GALADIMA OF PATEGI


By Ahman Makams…

One must have heard a lot about this achiever from different perspectives when it involves business or politics but as his admirer or supporter, what more needs to be said about the gentleman?

Aliyu Ahman Pategi, popularly known as Bahago, was born to the prestigious family of Alhaji Ahman Pategi (Galadiman Pategi, of blessed memory) and Hajiya Aisha Nnagi Layi.

Aliyu who was born into a politically inclined family, was named after a well- respected politician of those times, the late Alhaji Aliyu Makama- Makaman Nupe (of blessed memory). A man of the people, who people derived joy to meet for political advice.

Taking a brief look at the background of Alhaji Aliyu Makama who was second in command to Sir Ahmadu Bello, Premier of the Northern Nigerian region and Sardauna of Sokoto, shows he was loved and respected a lot by Sardauna. He was given the responsibility to take charge of Northern institutions whenever the Premier was absent. Late Makaman Nupe’s profile can never be over emphasized.

The elder statesman died in 1980 as the first Patron of then ruling National Party of Nigeria (NPN); it was a party considered to be an offshoot of the Northern People Congress (NPC).

Aliyu Mahmud Makama Bida (Bahago) MHA, CMG, CFR, was also honoured with officer of Order of British Empire, (OBE) before he died in 1980.
May Allah continue to to bless his soul. AAMIIN…

When named after such a legendary personality and even able to follow in his footsteps to a large extent as a well- groomed politician, no doubt someone like Honourable Dr Aliyu Bahago Ahman Pategi will be considered a fortunate politician who deserves to climb the ladder his mentors had climbed and reach even higher levels.

Apart from Makaman Nupe, who was his political mentor, Hon. Aliyu also followed the footsteps of some of his family members who were prominent figures in politics in their time. His late father, Alhaji Ahman Pategi and two brothers; Hon. Sulaiman Ahman and late Alhaji Ahmadu Sardauna Ahman (of blessed memory) who was assassinated in 2002.

Alhaji Ahman Saba Pategi, the first Galadiman Pategi, wasn’t just a politician by chance. He started working in the political arena when he began his career as Chief Scribe of the Pategi Native Authority from 1932 to 1953, as well as a Councillor and Development Secretary with the Lafiagi/Patigi Native Authority from 1953 to 1956. Ahman was also appointed Galadiman Patigi in 1954 and Native Authority Councillor in charge of the police, forestry, prisons and the local governments in 1956.

As a man of integrity and honesty, he won some medals during his life time, among which were; the King Coronation Medal (1937), Red Cross (1963), Commander of the Cameroons (1937), Order Of British Empire (O.B.E,1963), Commander of Senegal, Guinea and Libya (respectively, in 1964), as well as the merit award of the Officer of the Federal Republic (O.F.R).
Ahman Patigi died in July 17, 1977, in London.

May He continue to rest in peace. AAMIIN…

The two elder brothers of Hon Aliyu, which are Sulaiman and late Ahmadu Sardauna Ahman later put on the cap of their late father after several years, each making their mark as politicians.

Suleiman contested and won the seat of Federal House of Representatives in 1992 and late Ahmadu Sardauna contested for the senate in 1999 and later took over the leadership of PDP in 2001-2002 as chairman in Kwara State before he was assassinated.

Hon. Dr Aliyu Ahman has all it takes to excel as a good politician and for people to support him in achieving any aspiration. If one believes in the legacies of these political heroes then one won’t relent in giving support to Hon. Aliyu in climbing the ladder to any position.

Aliyu’s achievement as a politician is amazing and to be taken as a case study of role models to younger ones. As his profile says, “Aliyu is a man that infuses his life with action. He doesn’t wait for it to just happen. He makes it happen by believing in his own dreams. He makes sure the future works for him. He makes his own hope to move around him and everything he does is not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what he can to make grace happen. Which he always determine to hold and appreciate God almighty that created him to succeed and to serve his people.”

Hon Ahman, who was born on the 31st December 1964, worked very hard to become one of the top and quiet Lawmakers in the Federal House of Representatives. He represents Edu/Moro/Patigi Federal constituency of Kwara North for the third time.

For three of those terms, he was Chairman House Committee on Water Resources, a position he holds till he left National Assembly. He was also Chairman, Legislative Budget and Research and a member of several committees such as: Committee on Appropriation, Committee on Commerce among others.

Dr. Ahman is a Fellow, Institute of Corporate Administration of Nigeria (2007) and a recipient of awards such as the Prestigious Mayor’s Proclamation and Key of the City of Moses Lake, State of Washington, USA in 2008; Award of the Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees, Nigeria (2008). On 8th April, 2017 Hon. Aliyu was honoured with a Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) in Public Administration by Achievers University, Owo , Ondo State.

However, as an Honorable Member his contributions to his constituency is a continuous process by providing the borehole sinking to have good potable water; Pilot Rural Electrification and encouraging his State in keying into ICT by facilitating the delivery and installation of computers to a school as part of his Constituency’s Computer Literacy and ICT project to the communities.

Aliyu believes education is the weapon to fight illiteracy, therefore, education development was constituted for his community to up-lift good education in the 3 areas of his constituency. He went further to partner with NAPEP and launched a Micro-Credit Scheme to improve the economic wellbeing of rural women, youths and to alleviate poverty in his area. It should be mentioned here that his vision for the good people of Pategi and Kwara State as a whole knows no bounds. That is why he has put in place a state of the art university, the Ahman Pategi University. Situating a tertiary institution in his hometown is borne from the beautiful vision and love he has for his people, young and old, who will be the beneficiaries of the university.

He used his legislative office to move a motion to complete the Saachi – Nupeko Road; the link between River Benue and River Niger, while also coordinating work on the establishment of the National Assembly Budget and Research Office (NABRO). He assiduously workes for passing into law the NABRO Bill, which was later approved.

One can clearly see that Dr Aliyu Ahman is a politician with integrity and a man that loves and respects his people without sentiment. Even across the tribes in his constituency, that are all from different ethnic backgrounds, Aliyu has never discriminated and has been righteous to give his mandate to serve his people diligently without fear of favour.

The new Etsu Patigi confirm Hon Aliyu Ahman Pategi as the new Galadima of Patigi, after the death of the elder brother, Dr. Alfa Saadu a month ago. May Allah continue to bless his soul. Aamiin

Long Leave Dr. Aliyu Ahman Pategi, Long Leave People Of Patigi And Kwara.




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